Thursday, October 6, 2011

You're My Inspiration

What would you feel if somebody will tell you that you are his/her inspiration?  Happy, right?  At the same time, pressured.  Pressured, to live your life well.  But still, it really makes us happy that somebody has thought that we are worthy to be his/her inspiration.  Hehehe!

Last night when I went home.  My kid brother Jereco was still up.  He was busy studying.  When he saw me, he then told me that from now on, he will study harder.  My mother told him that if he will not study, he will not be on the list of honor students.  Then he might not get a good job in the future.  (Hehehehe!  Hadlokon ba gyud? Hahaha!)  Jeco told me that he was inspired to study harder because of me.  He wants to graduate and be in the list of top students.  (Baga sad akong atay.  Nyahahaha!)  I never really expected him to say that.  Hehehe!  I thought, Jereco just see me as the maldita and snob ate.  Hehehehe!

Thanks Jec.  Mwwaaaahhhhugzz.

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