Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cheong Ek Genocidal Center

Some people would think that, blogging, posting something in facebook and twitter is just a waste of time, purely nonsense.  They would think that, posting your activities or some information on the internet through blogging, facebook and twitter is a way to brag to people or will just result to misunderstandings.  Well, for me, its not just that.  We can also get good insights and information from other people.

Yesterday, out of boredom, again, I continued reading the Sole Sister's blog.  I came across one of their entries which talked about the Cheong Ek Genocidal Center in Cambodia.  Cheong Ek Genocidal Center is the site wherein 107 million people in Cambodia has lost their lives.  It was during the reign of the Khmer Rouge headed by Pol Pot.  It was said that Pol Pot, did that because he wanted to build a communist regime.  Imagine, killing millions of people just for power.  Innocent, naive and powerless people.  Pol Pot has already died years ago but I know the wounds that he has caused to those survivors would still be causing them to be in pain up until now.  I hope that, that incident will serve as a lesson to us, an inspiration when life gets tough on us.  May we always think that even if life is so unfair, at least we are alive right now.  We have our freedom.  So live your life well, think of all those innocent people whose life was taken away because of the selfishness of some people.

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  1. yeah..i so agree with your first line. but i don't really care. besides, my blog is not for people's for me. soon, when i grow old, i'll just read through the entries and smile about everything i've been through. yes, you could put this in journals but look what happened to mine? fire took it away from me. that's why i have it online now :D it's so unlikely for the net to be burned away. hahaha!