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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Year that was

I know this post is so late.  Forgive me for I have been very busy and I run out of load in my smartbro kit.  But it's better late than never as they always say right?  Hehehehe!

2011 for me was indeed a roller coaster ride.  Well not just roller coaster but plane, boat and bus ride.  Hahahaha! Kidding aside.  Even though a part of my 2011 was like a torture, there were also good things that came along my way though.

I started my year together with my cousins.  We went to mountain view to stroll.  Bringing lots of junk foods for snacks.  After that we went to larsian to eat our dinner.  Afterwards, we roam around the city to search for a videoke place.  Unfortunately, all the videoke place were close so we just went to our Tito's house and partied there.  Hehehehe!

A week after that, me together with my CCYM family went to Bohol.  We toured around Bohol, went island hopping, snorkeling and went to EAT Danao to experience some adventure.  I have been to Bohol so many times but going there with them is also another way of experiencing Bohol. 

Before January ended, I got promoted.  One of the task that the company has given me during this month is to recruit possible employees to different schools here in the Philippines.  I was chosen to be the one to go to Davao and go to UP Mindanao and Ateneo de Davao to recruit there.  It was my first time to go to Davao.  So I was really excited when I found out that they will send me there.  Hehehehe!  Aside from going to those two schools mentioned above, we also met with my cousins who are living there.  We went to People's park then ate ice cream at Ice Giant.  We also had a sumptuous dinner in my Tito's house.


It was Jaydee's plan to go to Simala before he will go to Bohol to work there.  So one weekend in March, we decided to go there.  We started to travel after lunch and we arrive there by 3 I think.  Hehehe!  I forgot.  The ride going to Simala and going home was very tiring.  I can't remember if it was also that tiring and hustle traveling there the last time I went to Simala.  Maybe, it was because when we traveled the sun was scorching hot so it was very hot inside the bus.  I hope the next time I go there, it won't be that torture.

March is my month.  I celebrated my birthday together with my family, cousins, love one and two of my closest and best friends in Papa Kit's.  It was really the most memorable birthday I have ever experienced.

The QA team in our office were planning to go to Bantayan at that time.  May Jill was invited by the QA team so she invited us.  The plan was we will go to Bantayan with the QA team but at the time we will arrive there, we will then go to Sugar beach and stay there.  But it did not happen.  We set-up our tent in sugar beach but we did not sleep there.  We slept at the resort where the QA team stayed.  It was really a very memorable and fun trip.  Even though we exceeded in our planned budget.  Hehehe!

May - August:
There was nothing much exciting happened to me for these months.  For starter, I traveled to Manila, Bataan and Laguna for the first time.  This is pretty exciting I know.  But for me the purpose as to why I went to Manila and Bataan isn't.  I went to Bataan and Manila because our client requested us to go there.  After staying in Manila and Bataan for two months(although not straight) I gained extra fats and I got so many pimples.  :((  That is why I'm struggling right now to lose those extra pounds that I've gained.  Sigh!

It wasn't all that bad actually.  I explored Balamban or more on the trans-central highway together with Cocoy last July.  I toured Manila and went to Enchanted Kingdom and Ocean Park with Kring2x, May Jill and July.  And traveling with them was indeed so much fun. 

I explored again Dumaguete City and this time it was together with Cocoy.  That was my second time to go there but it was my first time to really explore the town.  We also went to Dauin to accompany Weng and also to Bais.

I also went to Sumilon Island with Jaydee to celebrate his birthday there.(I missed my cousin's birthday because I went with him there.)  The island was breath taking.  Literally breath taking, since we explored the whole island.  We walked around the island.

Cocoy invited me to go to Canlaon since there was a very long weekend by the end of October.  We went to his Tita's house.  I experienced selling some hardware stuffs in his Tita's store.  It was hard for me since I did not know almost all of the stuffs being sold there.  The only thing I could determine were the paints and the nails.  Hahahaha!  It was there that I experienced to eat a frog.  Nyahehehehe!

My classmate back in high school Lea's daughter celebrated her first birthday.  So Lea invited me and some of my classmates that are close to her to the party.  After the party we then went to MO2 to continue the party and chitchat there.

On that month also, I attended for the first the Visayas Blogging Summit that was held in SM.  Kring2x, Judith and I religiously listened to the speakers even if we were very sleepy.  Hehehe!

During this month, nothing much happened.  I just attended some parties, videoke with Kring2x and also with my family.  Celebrated Christmas with my family and relatives.

P.S. I'll still be updating this post to add some pictures.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Home

On the Visayas Blogging Summit that I attended last November 26, 2011, one of the speakers told us that the best blogging site is wordpress.  One of my friend who also blogs, after the event, immediately transferred to wordpress.  On the other hand, I too wanted to change my blog platform but I did not have time and I was also having a second thought because wordpress is block here in our office.(booooo...)  But yesterday afternoon, I took the first step.  I registered to wordpress so that I could import my blogs from blogger and start blogging there.  So when I went home, I exported my blogs in blogger and then imported it to wordpress.  So bye2x blogger, hello wordpress.  Please do continue reading my blog on this link.

For those of you who are like me, who can;t access wordpress, just subscribe my blog through google reader.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Last Friday Night

Weeks before, Kring2x and I were already planning that we will go out and have a videoke night.  We decided that we will have it on December 23, since, we also agreed that we will go christmas shopping together on that day.

After we have bought everything that we needed for Christmas, we headed to our respective houses to freshen up and to leave all the things that we bought.  We agreed that we will not eat dinner together, we will just meet after we finish our dinner and after I send off Cocoy.  Before going to the pier, I texted Kring2x if she already ate dinner and that Cocoy and I were still on our way to the pier.  I did not receive any reply from her so I thought it will no longer be pushed through.(I sent my message to a wrong number...hehehehe!)  I decided to just call her to ask her whereabouts and to ask if where we will meet.  We agreed that we will just meet up in Songhits, Mango Square.  I arrived there by 9:30PM.  The place was already packed with people who also wants to go singing.  Since, there were so many people, Kring2x instructed me to reserve a room while I wait for her.  She arrived at around 10PM.  When she arrived, we were still number seven on the waiting list.  So we chika2x while waiting for us to be catered.  After an hour of waiting, we were then finally accommodated.   The plan was to just stay there for an hour, but when an employee there told us that our time was already up, we decided to extend an hour.  But when the guy came back to ask us again, we were enjoying so much that we told him that we will extend for another hour again.  hahahaha!  After 3hours of singing, we decided to call it a night.  We went home sleepy, tired but happy.  We really enjoyed the night.  It was really worth it.  I hope it will not be the last time.

Unfulfilled Christmas Wish

For every Filipino, when ber months begin, Christmas shopping and putting up of Christmas decors would usually start.  On the first day of September, a friend of mine asked me if what I wanted for Christmas, I told him that I want to receive anything that is branded and not cheap.  Shoes, bags or clothes.  But unfortunately, I did not get my wish.

Awhile ago, Lawrence, Kim, Sensei Hino and I, went to Ayala to have our lunch there.  Afterwards, since, it was still raining outside, and we still don't want to go home, we decided to have a stroll in Ayala.  We then went inside the Oxygen, Levi's and Giordano shops because Sensei is looking for a pair of pants.  While Sensei was fitting for some pants, I also looked at some items.  There were a few clothes that I liked but when I looked at the prices, it was in the range of 500-1000 pesos.  It was very expensive, and to think that it was just a blouse and a short.  I came to realize that, I could not afford to buy expensive items.  Not because I don't have the money but because I don't find it practical to buy it.  If I have 1000 pesos, I could already buy many clothes or shoes with that.  I guess, buying expensive things is not my cup of tea.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beautiful In My Eyes

You're my peace of mind in this crazy world.
You're everything I've tried to find, your love is a pearl.
You're my Mona Lisa, you're my rainbow skies,
and my only prayer is that you realize
you'll always be beautiful in my eyes.

The world will turn and the seasons will change,
and all the lessons we will learn will be beautiful and strange.
We'll have our fill of tears, our share of sighs.
And my only prayer is that you realize
you'll always be beautiful in my eyes.

You will always be beautiful in my eyes.
And the passing years will show
that you will always grow ever more beautiful in my eyes.

When there are lines upon my face from a lifetime of smiles,
and when the time comes to embrace for one long last while,
we can laugh about how time really flies.
We won't say goodbye 'cause true love never dies.
You'll always be beautiful in my eyes.

You will always be beautiful in my eyes.
And the passing years will show
that you will always grow ever more beautiful in my eyes.
The passing years will show that you will always grow
ever more beautiful in my eyes.