Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Selfish Me...

I got bored today with my task so I decided to read one of the blogs of a friend.  I have read on her blog that he got pissed off because of the efforts she exerted but  was not appreciated.  I don't know if that's the right word.  Looking back, before our Manila trip, I was asked by one of our clients that I will go to Bataan again.  I expected that we will just be staying there for a week since, we will just be fixing some bugs.  Unfortunately, since the users of the system wanted us to "babysit" them, we stayed there for 2 weeks instead.

We arrived in Manila last August 5, Friday and traveled to Bataan the next day.  I was so occupied with all the tasks thrown to me that I barely did not have the chance to check on my mail.  I saw the email sent by a friend of mine who has also been on the planned Manila Trip.  But because of exhaustion and being so tamad, I ignored it and told myself that I'll go over it when I'm already in the mood. (bad me..haiiist...)

At that time the only thing that came up into my mind was, "I really want to go home".  It never really occurred to me the effort my friend exerted in planning the whole trip.  :((  After reading her blog, it just occurred to me that I have been so selfish.  I should have also thought that she was also busy and such but still she had time to organize the whole trip.

Sorry friend.  Next time, I'll try to be more sensitive.  :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lola Minang's 81st Birthday

For the past 24 years of my existence as far as I can remember I haven't missed a single birthday celebration of Lola Minang.  But since, I was still here in Bataan last August 11, I wasn't able to greet her personally and celebrate her birthday with her and all my family and relatives.

At the night of her birthday, I called my ate so that I could greet lola.  But when I heard her voice and greeted her a happy birthday, tears began to fall in my eyes.  So I just told her that I need to go.  haisst...  I hope next year, I won't miss her birthday again.