Monday, December 26, 2011

Last Friday Night

Weeks before, Kring2x and I were already planning that we will go out and have a videoke night.  We decided that we will have it on December 23, since, we also agreed that we will go christmas shopping together on that day.

After we have bought everything that we needed for Christmas, we headed to our respective houses to freshen up and to leave all the things that we bought.  We agreed that we will not eat dinner together, we will just meet after we finish our dinner and after I send off Cocoy.  Before going to the pier, I texted Kring2x if she already ate dinner and that Cocoy and I were still on our way to the pier.  I did not receive any reply from her so I thought it will no longer be pushed through.(I sent my message to a wrong number...hehehehe!)  I decided to just call her to ask her whereabouts and to ask if where we will meet.  We agreed that we will just meet up in Songhits, Mango Square.  I arrived there by 9:30PM.  The place was already packed with people who also wants to go singing.  Since, there were so many people, Kring2x instructed me to reserve a room while I wait for her.  She arrived at around 10PM.  When she arrived, we were still number seven on the waiting list.  So we chika2x while waiting for us to be catered.  After an hour of waiting, we were then finally accommodated.   The plan was to just stay there for an hour, but when an employee there told us that our time was already up, we decided to extend an hour.  But when the guy came back to ask us again, we were enjoying so much that we told him that we will extend for another hour again.  hahahaha!  After 3hours of singing, we decided to call it a night.  We went home sleepy, tired but happy.  We really enjoyed the night.  It was really worth it.  I hope it will not be the last time.

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