Sunday, December 18, 2011

i need a power hug...

Everyday, a newsletter from Chicken Soup for the Soul will be sent on my yahoo email address.  One time, I received a newsletter from them, which narrates a story about a boy who likes to make people happy.  One day, they went to the hospital to help and to visit the patients.  As they were walking in the corridor, they passed by a room, inside the room was a woman sitting on her bed.  When the little boy saw the woman, he came inside the room and hug her.  The woman began to cry when the boy hug her.  Upon realizing it, the boy asked her teacher why was the woman crying, and if he did something wrong.  His teacher asked him if the reason as to why he hug the woman.  The boy told her teacher that, when she saw the woman, he felt that the woman needed a hug thus, the reason why he went inside the room and hug her.  Upon hearing the boy's reason, the teacher calmed the boy and told him that the woman felt Jesus' embrace through him.

How I wish I could also receive a hug today. 

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