Monday, December 5, 2011

nang dahil sa facebook

When I was on my 2nd year in college, I met a petite girl.  She was a one of the many faces that comes in and out inside the CMO office.  I forgot how we really became friends, but we did.  From the time we became friends, Aina and really became close friends.  But those times of hanging out inside the CMO office, canteen and library was short lived.  Aina then transferred to a different school to another province.(I forgot where in the Philippines it was. Hehehe!)  I did not have any contact information from her, so we lost contact.  The only thing that can attest our friendship were her books that she lend to me and I forgot to return.  Hehehehe!

Just last month, when the CMO group was created in facebook,  Aina and I began to communicate again.  Weeehh.  From our conversation, I've learned that she was in Tacloban working as a call center agent.  I told her to go back to Cebu and work here.  Hehehe!  Several weeks later, Aina sent me a message in fb that she was already here in Cebu.  She was searching for a job so that she can settle here.

So, yesterday, we agreed that we will meet up in Jollibee P del Rosario before the 11 AM mass begins.  We talk and catch up with the happenings of ours' and our friends' lives.  This time, I returned her books that she lent me and I lent him some books.  Aina is still the same, petite and very talkative.  Hehehehe!  Talking to her, makes me miss my other college friends so much.

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