Friday, December 9, 2011

What Happened?

When I was still a little girl, my father and my mother thought me and my sister on how to pray the Lord's Prayer and the rosary.  My father would tell us to kneel before the altar and to follow him while he recite the Lord's Prayer or when he pray the rosary.  We would usually obliged even though sometimes we are already tired and sleepy.  Every October, my whole family would pray the rosary night after night since, October is a month of the Holy Rosary.  Also, when the image of Mama Mary will be brought into our house, we will gather on our sala to pray the Holy Rosary infront of the image of the Virgin Mary.  After praying, we would have a chat then me and my sister will then go to bed.

That was the scenario in our home back then.  Even during dinner, we always eat together.  But when me and ate got older, especially when we were already in college, we got busier and busier every year.  We sometimes come home very late in the evening from work.  So the nightly praying of the Holy Rosary and eating our dinner together was stopped and we hardly get together to talk nowadays.

There is really no constant thing in these world except change.  Each and everyone of us would really change sooner or later.  But even though, we don't talk as much as I want to, I know that when time comes that I will need them, they would be there for me.

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