Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Chel!!!

We were classmates back in college.  We were on the same block on my first year and first semester in USJ-R.  We never really became close or even friends back then.  She has her own set of friends while I've got mine too.  My first impression of her?  She was suplada.  I found out later, that was kinda her first impression to me too.  Nyahehehehe!  I never really thought that we could be close friends.

I can't really remember how it all began.  All I can recall was we were classmates in one or almost all subjects when we were already in our second year in college.  From then on, we were inseparable.  Some of our friends would usually comment that we have our own world.  Nyahehehe!  And that is also what we observed.  What the other is thinking, the other one can then catch up.  Parang sina B1 at B2.  Hehehe!

Retchel is not just my best friend.  She is also like my sister.  She is the one I make kulit when I am bored.  She is one of the few people I make chika with when I am happy or sad.  She is the first person I talk to when I have a problem.  I am really thankful, that I met her.  Life without her would be sad and lonely.  I remember three months ago, when I confided to her something.  The first thing I told her was.  "Please don't judge me.  Please don't get mad at me.  Please don't leave me because it's the last thing I want to happen."

We don't really see each other that much this days.  Since, we're both busy.  But distance will never be a hindrance on our relationship.  When we have the chance to hang-out, walang katapusang chikahan ang mahitabo jud, so that we can catch up in what is happening in our lives.  Hehehehe!

On this very special day for her, all I pray is that she will be continually blessed by God.  That she will always be happy, will find joy and stay beautiful and healthy.

Happy Birthday Chel... I Love You... MMMMMWAAAAHHHUUGGZZZ...

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  1. waaaaaahhhh karon pako kabasa char.... thanks much!!! mwwwwahhhhh I feel the same sa imo sad... and don't worry I will try not to judge but to understand coz I believe in every situation and behavior there is always a reason :D (wink) love you.... :D God bless