Monday, October 3, 2011

My First Milo Run/Walk

After we have experienced a 3k fun run at SM, Ate and I told ourselves that, that was just one of
the many marathons that we will be joining from now on.  So last September 9, Ate registered us
for the Milo Marathon.  It was held yesterday.  The starting point was in front of CNU and its
finish line was inside the Abellana Sports Complex.

A night before the said event, I set my alarm to 4:16 AM because the marathon will start by 5:30
AM.  But by the time my phone shouted that it was time to wake up I just turned it off and went
back to sleep.  Hahaha!  Luckily, Ate, woke me up a minute before 6Am so that I could get ready.  
By 5:15, my friend Bryan already called us that he was already waiting for us outside CNU.  So Ate
and I, hurriedly started to walk so that we wouldn't be late.

At the time we arrived at the starting point, there were already so many people.  Ate and
I had a hard time locating where Bryan and Ate's officemates where waiting.

When the marathon started, since, there were so many people who joined, instead of running, for the whole race, we were just walking.  It was not a marathon anymore, it was like a procession, or walking the Jones Avenue for the Sinulog festival.  Hahahaha!  We finished the marathon with a time of 1 hour and 16 minutes.  Hehehe!

I hope the next time Milo would held a marathon, they would limit the number of people who will join or not, they will organize it properly.

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