Monday, October 17, 2011

Mini Keyk

Last Saturday, Ate and I, decided that we will buy mini keyks and make and icing then top the icing to the mini keyks.  It was really her project.  She texted me last Monday, asking me if I know how to make icing.  She wants to make an icing then top it on a cupcake then give it to dokie.  I agreed to help her on her project since I also want to make some for Cocoy.  Hehehehe!

So last Saturday, we went to Metro Gaisano to buy the ingridients.  Before we went there, I googled on the internet on some icing recipes.  I chose the Royal Icing and Chocolate Frosting.  I relayed to her the ingridients and how to make the icing as what I have read on the internet.At t  She told me that we will just make the royal icing.(I really didn't know what on earth royal icing at that time.)  At the grocery store, I thought we will just use a white sugar.  At the time that we were about to pay, I then asked her, "was it just white sugar? or we have to use confectioner's sugar?"  I then, run fast from the cashier to where isle of the baking needs is.  Fortunately, I then found the icing sugar that we should be using.

At the time we arrived in our house, I then started to make the icing.  In the middle of my icing making, I then realized that ate went upstairs to login on her FB.  (Haist.  Here we go again.  Her project but I will be the one who will make it.)  i then asked Jeco to call ate so that she can help me.  She then went downstairs but I was already done mixing the icing.  So all she have to do is to decorate her Mini Keyks.  Sigh!

This morning, I gave the Mini Keyks which I decorated with icing to Cocoy.  I was so happy looking at him eating the mini keyks.  Hehehehe!  Next week I am planning to cook puto cheese for him.  Hehehehe!

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