Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rainbow After the Storm

Everyday all of us wants to have a nice day, good month or best year.  But how can we really obtain as such if there will be times that the world seems to form an alliance or conspiring for us to have the worst day, month or year of our life.  It sucks, right?  You just want to hide from everyone.

Well, for me, if this would happen, honestly, I would really be devastated.  But come to think of it, do we really have to dwell on those problems that the world has bombarded us?(which most of those problems are just our own doings...)  Do we really have to be gloomy and keep on sulking?  Why not think that all of those problems will just pass by and everything has its reasons.  Be optimistic and the world will surely brighten.  Cheer up, stand up because everything will be okay.

Think of happy thoughts, be optimistic everyday, pray to God and your day will surely be beautiful.

1 comment:

  1. thumbs up cha! hehehe!
    think of happy thoughts always :)
    you'll get through everything eventually :)