Thursday, October 6, 2011

Step One

Last night, since MC took me home early.  I started to sort out the books and stuffed animals that I am planning to sell.  And here are the items that I might sell.
  • 17 Stuffed Animals
  • Dart Board
  • Uno Stack-O
  • Humpty Dumpty Wall Game
  • 20 Books
I still have lots of stuffed animals in my bed and books in my bookshelf.  But still, with those, I now have a bigger space for me on my bed, empty spaces on my bookshelf that I could use to store other things.  I hope, my books and stuffed animals would really go to a person who can really take care of them.(murag unsa...nyahehehehe!)  So calling those who wants to read Bob Ong Books, V.C. Andrews books and who wants to give their kids, girlfriends a gift palit mo niya.  Hehehehe!

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