Monday, October 10, 2011

Mga Laagan

Yesterday, my cousin Jojie, finally arrived.  We've been telling her for months to come here in Cebu.  But she kept on delaying it because she has no enough money for her plane ticket.  An hour after she arrived, we then went to Carbon market and then to Colon.  In one of the stores where we went to, the three of us(jojie, my sister and me) bought this cute angry birds spoon and fork and chopsticks set.  Hehehe!  We even bought the same color of those cute tableware set.  Hehehe!

After we had our Carbon and Colon tripping, Jojie and I then went to church to attend a mass.  After attending the mass, and change our clothes, Jojie and I then went strolling to look for a Tuslob Buwa vendor, but unforutnately we found none.  So we went to a store who was selling lugaw and lolog, but sadly, there was no loglog.  So since, we ate will be cooking escabeche and Jojie and I will be cooking, lumpia with cheese, we just settled with green mango and bagoong.  Hehehe!  We then went to our house to start making the lumpia with cheese.

After dinner, the three of us with ate's boyfriend, went to a nearby store who is selling halo-halo.  We ate halo-halo and talked like the old times.  After devouring the halo-halo, we strolled around our barangay before heading back home.

I really miss times like that.  The three of us, always hanging out.  Laag diri, laag didto.  Hehehe!  Hopefully, next year, Jojie will really stay here in Cebu for good.

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