Monday, October 3, 2011

Exploring His Hometown...

"I believe that traveling with someone is the ultimate relationship test. "

This has long been overdue, since what I'll be telling you happened last September 9-11 of this year.  But I still want to share it here so that I won't forget it.  Hehehe!  But I think I won't really be able to forget it, I may forget the exact date but the memories that I have experienced will always be remembered.  Charmous... Nyahahaha!

What I'm talking about was my trip in Dumaguete.  It wasn't really my first time to go there.  But as they all said, we may visit a place a gazillion of times, but the experience will always be different depending of who you will be with. 

The first time I visited Dumaguete city was last 2007, when my cousin graduated in college in Siliman University.  I really did not have the chance to explore the city since, we were just inside the resort where we stayed most of the time.(Don't ask me the name of the resort 'coz I always forget it...Hehehehe!)

For my second visit, I'm with MC.  He invited me over since it was a long weekend and he also want to spend some time together.  I willingly said yes, since I also wanted to spend some time with him and to explore his hometown along with him.  Exploring Dumaguete with MC was really a nice experience.  It feels like I am also discovering a part of him.  I was able to discover a lot about him on that trip, like his childhood days.

First thing you will notice in Dumaguete is that, there are a lot of restaurants all over the place.  You will never really get hungry when you want to stroll around the city.  Another thing that I notice and what I like there is how clean the air is and the peacefulness of the city.  You can just stroll around the town without worrying being mobbed and without worrying of your lungs.  Nyahehehehe! 

I've always been a nature lover.  Walking barefoot at the beach or on a grass carpeted garden.  Exploring the mountains, is what I really love to do.  And if you want to experience the beauty of nature and still want to have an access to malls, shops and restaurants, well, Dumaguete is really the place you should be.  You can even come across some snakes on the road during the night.  Hehehehe!  But don't worry it's totally safe there.

If you are planning to go there, don't forget to bring some sylvannas for me...  Hehehehe!