Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's a Bike Story

Everyday, in going to work, I always pass by this Bike shop near our house.  I always check out
the pink "Koreanovela" style bike. (hehehehe! The one with a basket infront of the bike and with a
bell.)  Everytime I pass by that store, I always tell myself that one of this days I should have
the courage to ask the people inside the shop the price of the bike so that I could save up and
buy that bike.  So last Saturday, on my way to Carbon Market and Colon, I finally asked the bike's
price.  Hehehe!  I was shocked to know that it just cost Php2,950.  I don't know if the price is
reasonable, but for me it is.  Hahahaha!  But while walking on the busy streets in COlon, I came
upon another bike store.  The store was also selling that same color and style of bike that I
want.  So I went inside the store and asked the Kuya who was incharge.  The Kuya told me that the
bike is just for Php2,595, but I can still haggle the price upto Php2,500.  Waaaaaahhhhh!  I want
to buy that bike.  I'll save from now on for that bike and buy it this December as a Christmas
gift for myself.  Hehehe! --No more heavy shopping najud for the bike and the Palawan tour.-- Good
luck Hannah!

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