Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sole Sister's Travel Adventures

This morning, Kring2x shared to the link of the blog site of Sole Sisters to keep my mind from thinking all the things that keeps me so down.  Aside from that, she also wants to influence me of her being passionate to traveling.  Of course, I also love to travel especially if I have the budget for traveling.

Like the Sole Sisters, me and Kring2x also thought of a goal that we should reach.  It's "30 Provinces before 30".  Since, we don't have enough budget to follow the "30 Countries before 30", we just settled for the provinces here in the Philippines.  Hehehe!  Kring2x has already traveled 5 provinces so she has 25 provinces to go.  I also counted the provinces that I've already been and I ended up with only 7.  Hehehe!  Not bad, I still have 23 provinces to go before I turn 30.   I really hope we could really reach our goal.  Wish us luck.  Hehehe!

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