Wednesday, September 7, 2011


As we all know, for Filipinos, when the months of ber begins, they get to be so excited because Christmas is already fast aproaching.  People will start to count the days for Christmas.  SOme will start to play Christmas songs and decorate their houses with Christmas decorations.  A few would even start shopping for Christmas gifts.  Hehehe!

Last September 1, a friend of mine already asked me if I have already thought about what I want to have for Christmas.  Nyahahahaha!  I told him that I haven't thought of it yet.  But just recently, while I was listing the things that I needed to buy, the things that I wanted to have for Christmas popped up.(parang sa cartoons nga naay callouts...nyahehehehe...)

As most people know about me.  I am very tihik.  I love shopping but I really don't buy branded stuffs.  I want to buy those clothes, shoes, bags, and other stuffs in the tiange and those Chinese shops.  Hehehe!  I can save money and I can get a lot of things from my money.  But also I also make sure that what I buy is with quality.  So with that, this year, for Christmas, I want to receive, bag, pants, shirt, dress and shoes that are branded.  Hahahaha!  Of course, the brand should also be sikat.  Hehehe!

Hopefully, this year, I'll still get my wish just like last year.  Hehehehe...

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