Thursday, September 8, 2011


They said, that if a girl is depressed, broken hearted, or maybe happy, most of them have the urge to get an new hairstyle.  I ain't broken hearted, yes, I'm a little bit sad.  But that's not the reason why I decided to have my hair cut.

It has been months that I've been itching to have my hair cut.  I have long been searching on the internet for possible hairstyle.  I have long been making kulit with my friends if a certain hairstyle that I've seen on the internet would likely look good on me.

Recently, I saw a picture of Nicole on the internet.(I don't know if that's really her name and I also don't know her family name.  Hehehehe!)  I really like her hair there.  So I asked a few of my friends on what they think of the possible hairstyle for me.  Aime gave me a two thumbs up.  Hehehe!  So yesterday, I asked a friend of mine to accompany me to the parlor.  Unfortunately, when we went there, the receptionist told us that they won't be accepting customers anymore. :(

So, today, I decided that I will go to the parlor during lunchtime.  Hehehe!

From long hair, I have now a medium length haircut.  The last time my hair was this short was when I was still in my elementary days.  Hehehe!  I like it.  Hehehehe...

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