Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Rainforest Park Adventure

I have always been afraid of heights.  Looking down the busy street from the top of a building, climbing a wall, or crossing a bridge is not really my thing.  So when Retchel invited me to go with them to Rainforest Park in Panagdait, Mandaue, I hesitated if I would really go or not.  But because I really want to spend much time with her, I said yes.

The first plan was cancelled due to rain and because I also went to Dumaguete.  But when I asked Retchel how was their Rainforest Park adventure, she told me that they did not push it through since it rained.  I was happy that I can still join the laag and at the same time, nervous, since I really don't have any reason to back out.  But three days before the event, an idea came to me.  Why not asked Jeco to accompany me and let him try it though, instead of me.  Hehehehe!  I told Retchel that I'll just be the one to take their pictures but she just laugh it off and told me that I should join.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

So on the day of the adventure, I really did bring Jeco with me.  But when we arrived there, Retchel told me that I really have to join since the package that they paid is the 5 + 1 package.  Wherein if you are five in a group the 6th person is free.  I was really nervous during the entire activity.  Even the short zip line, my nerve did not calm down.  But despite my being so nervous, I'm really proud of myself because I did not chicken out and I undergo almost all of the obstacles.  Weeeehhhh...  I survived the challenge...

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