Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Itching Sole

My sole is itching to go somewhere.  To have some adventure.  To see new places.  Every time I open my personal mail, I always receive a mail from Cebu Pac or AirPhil Express of their promo fares.  I am always tempted to just book a plane ticket for me to any of the provinces here in the Philippines.  But fear always takes over me.  Fear that I may not have enough money to support the trip.  Fear that I may get lost ones I get there.  Yesterday, there was another promo again.  I
tried to book a ticket, just to check if the date that I wanted is not yet sold out.  And guess what?  There were still available seats.  But I chickened out again.  I closed the site without booking any ticket.  I think, I will never be able to accomplish my goal to travel 23 more provinces before I reach 30.  I know, that goal is to shallow, but for me it isn't.  For me it's like facing my fears.  To be independent.  And to be brave enough to face any challenges in life.

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