Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sharing What You Post

During the Cebu Blog Camp yesterday, one of the speakers mentioned that, some of the bloggers don't really share there blogs to others.  Like sharing it to the link on their facebook or twitter.  His point was, if the blogger will not going to share it, he/she is not proud of what he/she is writing, he/she is not proud of how she writes.

For me, the reason why I don't share my blog on my facebook and twitter is because there were a few entries on my blog that are too personal.  But I was also guilty on what he said on the part wherein I am not really that proud of what I post.(not really all.) 

A minute ago, I deleted several blog entries that for me is too personal and then shared my blog post on my facebook then twitter.  This is it.  Share... Share... Share...


  1. you're not alone cha.. :")
    musta trip to manila?

  2. i dunno if okay lang ba...ehhehehehe...