Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fruity Float

Remember, the entry I wrote here wherein I told you that I made a Mango Royale?  Well, I had 1pack of graham biscuits that I haven't used at that time.  I bought 2packs because I thought 1pack will not be enough.  So I saved it so that if I can think of any good recipe to make with it, I could use it.

Last Friday, May 6, it was Jill's birthday.  Prior to that day she was telling me to make a mango float and bring it into their house.(while Weng will bring a cake)  I was really eager to make my experimental recipe while she was asking me that.  So even if I did not say yes to her plea, at the back of my mind, I was already planning to make my tripping2x food. Hehehehe.

But I haven't had the luxury of time to make it. :((  It was because me,weng and cocoy had a tripping the day before Jill's birthday and I went home so late.  But I still owe Jill a dessert.  Hihihihi.

I really don't know what to call this one.  So I just thought of a name.  Hehehe.  Because it's just like Mango Float wherein you will layer the crushed graham and the cream so I called it Fruity Float.  Hehehehe!  Why Fruity?  Because, instead of Mango, I used Fruit cocktail.  Hehehehe!

I was planning to put the recipe here but, because It's just like a mango float so just look for the recipe of Mango float.  Hahahaha!

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