Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reposting: Attended: Cebu Blog Camp 2010

Well, the day that I have been waiting for has finally come. I have already attended the Cebu Blog Camp 2010 which I have been so excited to be in for these past few days.(Reeeeally in...That I really visit the cebu blog camp site everyday checking if they have any further notice...hehehehe...And was so sad when the confirmation mail did not come last Wednesday which they promised.heheheh..) It was really a very fun and informative camp/conference. The speakers really made sure that they delivered their topic well and that their content would really help us. I got to meet new friends. I hope I could meet them again or still keep in touch with them. Because honestly speaking, aside from the fact that the event was free,(hehehehe...) the reason that I joined the camp was really for me to meet new friends, to meet other bloggers in the Philippines.

Aside from the fact that the event was free, I never thought that out lunch and snacks would also be free. For lunch, they served us burger steak and fried chicken from Jollibee. Well, we did not have the two, we had the option whether we will have the burger steak or the fried chicken. And for our snacks, they served us a doughnut from Krispy Kremes. (yum!yum!yum) I was really already planning this morning where I am going to take my lunch but thanks to them they served us free lunch which saved us in going out of the CAP building, under the heat of the sun. hehehhe...

Aside from the free lunch and snacks that they served us, they had also given-out many freebies and prizes. For the freebies, they gave us a bag with a mozilla badge, mozilla wrist band, and brochures of Maribago Blue Waters and Sumilon island. I was also lucky enough to get a hand with Mr. Wilson Ng's comic book. But unfortunately, I did not win any prizes from the raffles. And I did not get any give aways for those who will ask some questions to the speakers because I did not asked. (hehehehe... They gave out t-shirts and a havainas slippers for those who will ask questions. One of the prizes of the raffles are 2 cellphones. sigh!) But that's okay, I got what I came for, the knowledge that I have sought and the new friends that I eagerly wanted to meet. Thanks to the organizers and the sponsors of the event for coming up with this.

Here are some pictures of the event and of the freebies.

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