Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today, during mass.  The deacon mentioned on his homily on what good or bad memories we could remember about our mothers when we encounter a certain situation.

For me, everytime, I go down or up on an escalator, I can remember the time when me, my mom and my sister went to Gaisano Metro.  We were going down the escalator so that we could go home already.  i don't know what happened to me and my sister at that time, but we got scared in riding the escalator.  Hahahaha!

Another is, everytime I see our old "Bible for Children" copy, I can remember, those times when me and my sister were still little girls.  We were still sleeping in banig, at time.  Every night, before we go to sleep, mama would read one story from the bible.  She's really a good storyteller.  If here were times that she was not around because she went to an out of town seminar, we would ask papa to tell us a story.  But mama still is the best storyteller for me.

I may not be the little girl that mama used to tell bible stories, or the little girl she hugs and kisses every night, but I will still be the Hannah, who loves her so much.  I Love You Mama.

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