Saturday, May 28, 2011

Reposting: Wizards of Waverly Place

I know! I know! I am old enough for this kind of movies. hehehehe! So what? It's a fun movie and you can really learn so many things on the movie. charing! heheheh!

The movie is casted by the following artists:
  • Alexandra "Alex" Margarita Russo by Selena Gomez : She is the middle child of the family.
  • Justin Vincenzo Pepe Russo by David Henrie : The eldest child of the family.
  • Max Russo by Jake Austin : He is the youngest of the family
  • Jerry Russo by David DeLuise : The father, a wizard
  • Theresa Russo by Maria Canals Barrera : The mother, a mortal
The movie is all about a family of wizards, well except for their mother who is a mortal.  The movie started when their mother and father planned to spend their vacation in the Caribbean where the two of them first met and fell in love with each other.  Theresa, warned the three children not to use any magic for the rest of their vacation to fully appreciate the place and everything.  But Alex, stole the  family's forbidden book while Justin brought with him the full-wizard wand.  Alex did not really like the idea of the family bonding activities, and the wearing of same cloth for their dresses and etcetera.  The conflict of the movie started when Theresa did not allow Alex to attend into a party together with a boy who worked the resort.  Alex, got so mad so he confronted Justin that she knew that Justin had the full-wizard wand and that she will tell her parents if he will not allow him to use it.  While on the room doing some spells, to make their parents agree of everything they will ask for, Alex was caught by Theresa using magic.  They argued and Theresa told Alex that she is grounded and is forbidden to use magic.  After their fight, Alex wished that her mom and dad did not meet.  And with the wand on her hand her wish did came true.  So Alex asked Justin for help to fix everything.  They went to this wizard that they met there who said that he knew where the Stone of Dreams can be found. (If you have the stone of dreams, you will be able to make one wish.)  So Justin and Alex with the wizard and a parrot who is really a wizard who was turned into one journeyed to find the stone of dreams.  While Max was left to watch over their parents so that they will not meet other people.  to cut the story short, Alex and Justin got the stone of dreams and Alex wished that everything will be back to normal.

The lesson that I learned from the story is that parents really do know what is good for us.  We might not see the clear picture on what they want us to see, but we should trust them because they have already been to a lot of hardships in life.  Also, we can't really appreciate the beauty of things and the wonders and goodness of a person until they are gone.  This lessons might have already been shared to many people, but we always tend to forget this things and neglect it.

Spend some time with your love ones and tell them how much they mean to you every single day of your life before it's too late.

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