Friday, May 27, 2011

Bantayan 2011 Get Away

It's been so long since I have updated my blog.  I apologize.  I was really so bury this
past few days.  Both in work and in laag2x.  Hahahaha!

Let me make it up to you by sharing to you my Bantayan get away last May 21-22.

Before that I'll share to you first the days before we went to Bantayan.

It all started when Jill told us that the QA team was planning to go to Bantayan on the 21st of May upto the 22nd.  Me and Weng, without any hesitation told Jill that we would love to go to Bantayan.  We agreed that we will just come along with the QA team in getting to Bantayan and we will stay in Sugar Beach and build our tent there.  So it was settled then.  For many days, we have been planning on what to bring, how much money we should bring and spend.

Two days before the event, we then agreed that on the day before we will go to Bantayan, the three of us will spend the night in Weng's house.  So that we will devide the taxi fare and we will just pay less.  Hehehe!  We are just so laagan.  hahaha!

When I agreed that we will be staying in Weng's house the night of our departure, I forgot that it was also my cousin's birthday on that day and we had an agreement that we will go to MO2.  Good thing, PC was already shown to cinema on that day, so Jill and Weng agreed that they will watch PC while waiting for me.  Hehehe!

We slept so late that night which made us get up 15minutes late on what we have planned the night before for us to wake up.  We were supposed to be in North Bus Terminal before by 6am, but we arrived there around 6:45 or 6:50am.  Good thing  were not the ones who arrived last.

When we arrived at the Sta. Fe pier, me, Jill and Weng did our plan to go separate ways with the QA team.(not totally.hehehehe. )  After we have made our tent, change into a more comfortable clothes, we texted Ralf that we will go to Kota Beach Resort so that we can go with them in going to Bantayan proper.  So began our so mainit and so basa journey to Kota beach resort.  Hehehehe!

We took a lot of pictures there (cam-whores.hehehe! ) and bought buwad for pasalubong and had some snacks in one of the bakeries there.  Then we went back into our respective resorts.  When me,Jill and Weng arrived in Sugar Beach, we decided to change into our swimwear and plunge into the water. (char!hehehehe! )  We swam until 6pm and decided to start walking to Kota beach to have our dinner together with the QA team.

After we had our dinner, the QA team then started their team building.  We thought that we will just be spectators of their activity, until MIss Ann told us that we will be joining on their team building.  (Ambush!)  To make it worst, because each of them had to present something(dance,sing,latay sa alambre...hehehehe!), the three of us were not exempted.(Remind me again how I get into this? Hehehehe!)  But despite of that spontaneous presentation, we did have fun.  We partied, and swam till 3am.

The next day, Weng woke me up at 7am so that we will start walking to Sugar Beach to get our things.  After we took our things and ate our instant noodles for breakfast, we slept again till 11am.  We were really so tired and sleepy so we just took a shower.(it was also so hot outside, so we did not dare to go swimming again.)

After all of us has freshen up and packed our things we ate our lunch in the restaurant in Kota(the food was delicious but we had to starve to death before we could it them) then went to the pier to go back to Hagnaya then to Cebu City.

But wait there's more.  Our adventure did not end there.  Hehehe!  Ralf has already contacted a guy who will be the one to contact a van that would take us home.  But when we arrived at the Hagnaya pier, the guy told us that we have to wait an hour for the van to come.  (sigh)  We waited for 2hours until a manong came who just drop by in Hagnaya pier taking his chances if there are still passengers.

The vacation that we had was indeed enjoyable and yet so tiring.  Nevertheless, we bonded till our eyes dropped.  Hehehehe!

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