Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Following my Craving

For weeks now, I've been wanting to really try McDonald's Double Cheeseburger(because it's now only 80pesos).  Hehehe!  I can't seem to have the chance to buy and eat it.  And alas, when the time came, McDonald's Jones Branch had no stock.  Huhuhu!  So I told cocoy about it yesterday and we agreed to find a McDonald branch that has a stock of the said burder.  Hehehe! And alas!  McDonald JY had some, but we had to wait 5minutes.  Booo!  But it's okay.  As long as I tried it before it will return to its original price.  Hehehe!  And to tell you honestly, I won't try eating it again.  The burger was so big.  I was so full.  Until now, my tummy is still bloated.  Hehehe!  Or maybe because me and jill combined our fries and I ate to much of it.  Hehehehe!

FYI!  Posted this through my email.  Testing 123... Hehehehehe!!!

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