Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Yesterday, while Jill, Cocoy and Kring2x and i where having a snack in RD, Jaydee suddenly texted me if of my whereabouts and if what time I am going to be out in the office.  I told him that I'll be out at around 6:30PM.  I jokingly asked why he was asking me and whether he was planning to fetch me.  He answered "Pwede bhe?".  Again, I jokingly answered him with a yes and told him that I am really expecting for him to fetch me.  He replied back that he will be waiting on our meeting place in Ayala by 6:30.  I just jokingly replied him with "Ok, I'll be there.  See you."

As usual we spent an hour again at RD, chatting and eating.  I was always looking at my phone, taking note of the tome because Ralf was waiting for me downstairs for the audit.  it was already 5:45 when we left at RD and at the back of my mind was, if Ralf will take too long to audit my project I  won't get to Ayala by 6:30.  (I was really hoping bhe2x would be there.  Hahaha!)  In the middle of our audit, my phone rang, and it was bhe2x.  When I answered it, he was asking me if where I am already, that he was already in Ayala waiting.  I still had doubts at that time.  Jill and Ralf where already teasing me because the excitement that I felt at that time was so obvious.  Hehehe!

At the strike of 6:30, Ralf and I were already done with the audit so I imeediately turned off my PC and rush to Ayala.  While waiting for the elevator, Weng arrived and I told him that Jaydee texted me and called me that he was in Ayala.  And I told her about my doubts of whether Jaydee was really waiting for me there or not.  Hehehe!  When we already arrived in Ayala, I was really so excited and so kilig.  Hahahaha! (So HIgh School... Hahahaha!)  When I ascended on the escalator, I searched for him immediately, and there he was, sitting at the end on one of the benches.  I was all smiles and I run to him like a little kid. Hahaha!  I did not care whether the other people sitting on the benches where staring at me.  All I care was bhe2x was there.  So kilig.  Hahahaha!

I was really so happy yesterday.  It was one of the most kilig actions that bhe2x did.  Hehehehe!

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  1. there will be more coming bhe. hehehehe. im so happy to read this.