Monday, June 6, 2011

Made him Stronger

Afte a month and a week of not seeing each other, Jaydee came home to Cebu to take a days off from work.  We had the whole Sunday, buying clothes and shoes and eating till our tummies can take.  After we shopped, played some games in timezone we went to Bo's Coffee shop to have a sip of hot coffee.  We chatted about so many things, catching up for those days that we were not together.  While I was watching the people around us, a question then hit me.  "Did it ever came into your life that you could get this far;  graduating into college, get a job that pays you decently which helps you to buy the things that you want to buy, enjoying and loving your work?"

I asked bhe2x that question and he immediately answered me with a NO.  He has never imagined that he could really get this far, honestly, he never really thought that he could graduate.  He is really so happy of what is happening in his life right now.  Then, a thought hit me.  This guy in front of me, despite of the hardships he had to take, you can't really see him complaining or saying that he wants to give up.  While on the other hand, me, whose life seems to be laid perfectly in front of me, is always complaining, and easily wants to give up and cry.  I am really afraid that when time comes that a real problem would come into my life, I can't really surpass it.  All I am hoping and praying is when tough time comes, I could surpass them and will also make me stronger.

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  1. I know you will. Just have the courage to make decisions. Always remember, i got you bhe. I'm always here for you no matter what happens.