Monday, June 13, 2011

Out of your League

Today is Jeco's first day of school so they just have to go to school in the morning.  When he went home, he watched the movie "Out of my League" (if I'm not mistaken') on HBO.  When I went down to eat my lunch, she then asked me if Jaydee and mine's love story is like the one on the movie.  I didn't get what he meant immediately so he explained that the guy on the movie is so out of the girl's league.  The girl was rich, pretty and hot while on the other hand, the guy is a geek.  I jokingly answered him with a yes and laughed.  But deep inside, I thought, in love, should the two people in a relationship or dating, have to be of the same league?  Does looks really matter?  Does your status in society matter?

Well, yes.  I'm one of those girls who believes in fairy tales.  Who believes in a Happy Ending Story.  But I don't believe that a prince is just for a princess and the princess is just for the prince.  I know that love is not just the basis in a relationship but does looks and status in the society more important than love and trust?

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