Monday, June 27, 2011

Chicken All You Can in Max Restaurant, Balanga Bataan

Yesterday, while me and Raffy strolled the busy street of Balanga, Bataan while waiting for the 4PM mass, a thought came into me.  I want to try the chicken all you can in Max Restaurant.  Raffy agreed to my idea.  So after we attended mass, went to the hotel to get some nap and let our stomach rumble for food, we then went to Max Restaurant.

I thought I can eat as much chicken, but I was wrong.  After finishing the first chicken they have served to us, we asked the waitress to give us another piece.  But unfortunately, they served the second chicken after 10-15minutes I think.  We were already so full with the drinks that we ordered, and the hunger that we have felt earlier were already gone.  So when they finally served the second chicken, we were really full.  But we told the waitress that we want to have another chicken, but this time, we did not finish it. :(  So sayang.  Oh well atleast we've tried it.

BTW, it was my first time to eat in Max.  Congrats to me.  Hehehe!

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