Monday, June 6, 2011

Crush Crush

One afternoon, while me and Weng where chatting in skype, a topic was raised.  "Unsa ka ma crush Weng?"  Hahahaha!  Weng and I are already in our mid-twenties so gone are the days when we experience those moments wherein we will get kilig when a guy that we like/admire would pass by.

When I asked Weng that question, the two of then reminisce those times when we were still in high school and college.  I told her that when I like a certain guy, I can memorize the guy's voice, the sound of his footsteps, his back, well, almost everything.  Hahahaha.  But don't get me wrong, I'm not a stalker.  Hehehe!  I just memorized those details by observing him from afar.

Right now the only guys that keeps me drooling when I see them or hear their voices(aside from jaydee...wakekekekekek...) are Christian Bautista and Derek Ramsay.  When I told Weng that I get kilig everytime I hear Christian Bautista sing(esp. Beautiful Girl).  I feel like the song he is singing is dedicated to me.  Hahahahaha!  Weng's reaction was "ewwwww".  Hehehehe!  It is because she doesn't like Christian B.'s voice.  Hehehe!  Each of us really has his/her type of girl or guy.  Others may not understand why we like them.  Sometimes our friends and family tease us because we sometimes like those people whom they don't like or they don't find cute or beautiful or what, we sometimes don't care, as long as that guy or girl inspires us, it doesn't really matter.  Right?

So ikaw, unsa ka kung ma crush ka?  Hehehehe...

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