Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thank You for Loving Me

Having been hurt for so many times whether in love, friendship or whatever the type of relationship it is, I always have this doubt in trusting other people.  I have also this feeling that I would never find another person that would love me in return.  Until Jaydee came into my life.  He was the one who thought me how to really love other people who are not related to you unconditionally.  He was the one who thought me how to love and trust again.  Well, he was the only person who had the patience to understand my being so childish.  Hehehe!  It is really a nice feeling knowing that even if i am not a perfect person, that I have so many flaws, somebody who is so kind has love me and accepted me for who I am.  It is really too good to be true.  Even if others may say that we are not really a good match.  For me, we are.

Thanks bhe2x for coming into my life.

P.S.  Sorry for being so cheesy and sentimental for this past few days.  Hehehehe!

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  1. I was not able to control the tears in my eyes while reading this blog. I really never thought you valued me this much. My promise to you, I will continue to love you, to care for you, to comfort you and understand you. Until my last breath.