Thursday, April 7, 2011

Missing My High School Days

I was reading Bedroom blog by Veronica in, and she narrated her high school days on her blog.  I then beginning to reminisce those days when I was still in high school.  But sad to say, yes there were also happy moments but most of them were sad and painful.

I can still remember I was one of the few students who were being bullied by those girls who have their own clique and were popular.  They would give me a mean look everytime I don't succumb to their every wish to make them copy my assignments or during exams.  I was also one of those girls who only have little friends because I was not cool enough to be in a group.  Yes I admit it, I was a nerd back then up until now.  I won't deny it.  Because that's who I am.

I had also had a few friends back in high school.  But unlike the others, whom they still communicate until now.  The connection with those so called friends that I had just cut-off right after graduation day.  I don't know if I was at fault or the universe just doesn't want me to have a normal teenage life.

I was always inside the library or inside the classroom reading a book during lunch time while the others were making chikka and playing outside.  After class, I always go straight home just like my parents asked me to do.  I wonder, if I spent those lunch times and after class hours making friends with my classmates and schoolmates, would I have earned more friends and have gotten a true friend?

I think not.  People usually are having a hard time entering my world.  And sometimes I am also having a hard time to relate to other people.  So far, I can only count those people that I considered my true friend, just like how easy I can count the fingers on my hands. 

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