Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bedroom Blog by Veronica

Everyday aside from checking my mail(personal and office mail) I never forget to check whether a new blog entry of my favorite blog is in.  Well, that would be Bedroom Blog By Veronica.  I really like to read her blog.  It is funny, ma drama, and you can also learn so much from reading from her blog.  Veronica is one of my inspiration why I keep on posting a blog entry even if I know that not a lot of people read what I write here.  She inspires me in a way that I too, is hoping that someday I could also be like her, can inspire other people because of what i wrote.  I also admire her for being so brave.  Despite all the problems that she came across, she did not just lie in bed and cry it out and give up.  She worked her butt out and face those things/people which were trying to destroy her.

That is really what we call "Girl Power".  I really salute all those women who is like Veronica.  I hope you too could be able to read her blog and be inspired.

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