Saturday, December 18, 2010

One Wish Was Made Come True...

On my post "What I Want this Christmas" I mentioned ten things that I wanted to receive this Christmas.  One of the wish is that someone will give me a "Turtle/Tortoise Stuff Animal":.  I have so many stuff animals, some of those I bought personally and some are gifts from my friends and loved ones.  But I never really had a "Turtle/Tortoise Stuff Animal", well not until this month when I saw an array of turtle stuffed toy being displayed in 168 Mall in Colon.  Impulsively, I bought it.  Hahahaha...  But before that, I already posted on our bulletin on our office for my manito to buy it.  And guess what he really did give it to me.  Hehehehe.  And it is not just a mere small turtle stuffed toy, it is a humongous one.  Hehehehe...  I was one of the Mater's of Ceremony on our Christmas Party that night so when the manito/manita begun, I was infront of the stage telling the people whose table should be the first one to give their gifts and then Wally walk towards the stage carrying this huge box and Raymond was behind him carrying a camera to take a picture of me accepting the gift.  I did not open the gift immediately even though Corie was cheering for me to open it because I was still busy with my role as the emcee.  So when I went back to my table after the program was finished, again Corie,Jason and Raymond cheered for me to open the gift.  While I was unwrapping the gift, many people circled around us cheering.  Hahahaha...  I was really having a hard time unwrapping the gift because I was just using one hand, because I used the other one to hold my dress.  Hehehehe...  Thankfully my manito Wally was there to help me.  And so when he finally was able to open the gift, and the humongous turtle stuffed toy was revealed, I was really really happy that I immediately hug it.  It was so cute and cuddly.  Weeeeehhhh...   Words aren't really enough to describe how happy I was that evening.(yeah...mabaw kog kalipay...hahahaha...)  Thank you very much to Wally.  I now have another stuffed animal to hug every night.  Hehehehe.

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