Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Peace Offering

Last week, me and Jaydee had a really rough week.  We did not fight but it was really the roughest week that we had in our four-year old relationship.  It is because I've done something that had really hurt him.  I did it not because to hurt him or to make avenge of all the times that he made me cry.  I just done it.  I can't stop my feelings you know.  Because of what I've done, he suddenly realize of how much pain he has caused me for the past months.  He suddenly felt what I have felt for those months that he did not seem to care of what I am feeling.  

Before we had our dreaded talk, he asked me first if I wanted to buy a stuffed toy.  I told him no because I know his view of me buying toys for myself.  So he dragged me to Metro Ayala Department store and made me choose on what teddy bear I want to buy.  While looking at those teddy bears, an idea came to me.  Instead of buying a teddy bear, I should just buy a doll house. (hehehehe...)  I was really so excited while choosing the doll house.  I was really like a small kid at that time with his father on his side. (hahaha...)  I guess we really needed that time before having our serious talk.  Because of that, everything was cleared and we are happy again.

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  1. I really wish we could do that again. Talk things out and be happy again.