Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Can't We Just be Friends?

When I was in college I joined an organization in our school called Campus Ministry.  The people in that organization became my second family, my confidant in the school and the office were we usually hang-out became my second home.  I treated them just like a real brothers and sisters.  Little did I know that some of those people that I have considered as my "Kuya" are taking my actions differently.  It came to a point that one of my "Kuya" took a bold step to court me.  He sent me gifts and leeters anonymously.  Even my other ate's and kuya's who knew who sent me those stuffs won't even tell me.  So I did not able to stop what he was doing right from the very beginning.  But at the time that he already revealed himself I immediately told him that I only consider him as my Kuya and that nothing can ever change that.  I told him that I appreciate what he has done and am thankful for what he felt for me.  I thought that after our talk he will then stop.  But he did not.  He still sent me gifts and his treatment for me is still special.  So again, I confronted him about it.  And now, his not talking to me anymore. =(  

Unfortunately, another kuya of mine is trying to make a move with me.  Well, this wasn't the first time that he told me that he like me.  He already told me about his feelings for me before we graduated in college.  Thankfully, he did not court me that time because he knew what happened to the last time that a certain kuya has courted me.  He also doesn't want to ruin our friendship.  But recently after we had dinner together with the CCYM family, he then told me about his feelings.  Every now and then, he would tell me that he misses me and he loves me.  I don't want our friendship to be ruined.  I want to confront him but I'm afraid that if I do that, he would also hate me like what happened to my other kuya.  

Because of those incidents, a question popped into my mind.  Can't a man and a women just be friends?  Isn't it possible that both of them will never fall inlove with each other?  Isn't it possible that other people will not put some malice when they see 2 people in opposite sex so close?  Can't they really be just friends?

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  1. pde ra man cha :)
    just don't mind other people...
    make a decision to make it just friends only! hehe