Friday, November 12, 2010

What I Want this Christmas

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.  Hahahaha! Joke!  As we all know Christmas is fast approaching.  It's the time of the year where people from all shapes and sizes rush on the malls to buy stuffs to give to their friends and families.  Well it's also the time of the year wherein we also list the things that we want to receive on Christmas day.

When I was still a little kid, during this time, my mother would tell us to write a letter for Jesus on what we would like to receive on Christmas day.  After we finished writing the letter, we then put it on our altar.  Then, starting that day we will pray the rosary in front of our altar so that our wish/prayers will come true.  But sad to say, I really did not received all the toys that I have wished and wrote on that letter.  Hehehe!  Nevertheless, I learned how to pray the rosary and be grateful of every blessings that the Lord God has bestowed on me and to my family.

Despite the fact that every year I don't get my wishes.  I still continue to write a letter to Jesus or write the things that I wanted to receive on Christmas.  So just like before below are a few things that I want to receive on Christmas.

1.) Turtle/Tortoise Stuff Toy
2.) Maxie Girl/Bratz Doll
3.) Doll House
4.) Troll Doll
5.) New Shoes
6.) New Dress
7.) Polly Pocket
8.) Magic 8 Ball
9.) Baby Alive Doll
10.) Complete Drawing Set

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