Friday, November 5, 2010

The Joys of Having a Guy Friend

I only have a few very close friends to mention.  They are in different genders, I have a few female friends, male friends and even gay friends. hehehe.  But majority of my close friends are guys.  I don't know but I can easily get along with my boyfriends rather than with my girlfriends.  No, I'm not tibo.  Infact, I'm a very kikay girl. hahahaha! Yes, I am.  Believe it or not but I'm one of those girls who will go gaga with pink stuffs. hahaha.  But i also love to play tekken, God of War, and DOTA, which most of the guys are playing.  

As I was saying awhile ago, majority of my close friends consists of guys.  I will enumerate a few of the good things in having a guy friend.

1.) If the sun is up, and you forgot your umbrella, they won't mind that you will use them as your shield against the heat of the sun. (hahaha...mean...)

2.) They'll buy you food when you tell them that you are very hungry. (nyum...nyum...nyum...hehehe...)

3.) Even if it will be so late, they woul still accompany you in going home to make sure that you are okay.

4.) They will listen to you when you cry out loud, whine or nag about your problems may it be lovelife or work related, anything. They will tell you "Okay rana...Smile na..." until you calm down.  Then they will give you chocolates to really cheer you up. (what's with chocolate? why not pizza? hahahaha... nag demand ang loka... hahahaha...)

5.) You can poke, punch, or even bite them all you want and they will not keep a grudge on you.  Even if they'll poke, punch or bite you back, they won't make it so painful. (hehehe...)

6.) You can talk to them about video games, horror movies, cars, and anime.

7.) You get free hugs even when you really don’t need it.

8.) You can talk to them till four in the morning without them worrying about their beauty sleep. (literally 4am in the morning.  you were still talking with him at that time, you were still up when suddenly a member of your family will wake up to get ready for work or school while you, will still then go to sleep. hehehehe...)

9.) They offer to fetch you from your house.  Sometimes, they will just show up on your house in the morning while you were still getting ready for school or work. (hahaha... they won't even mind waiting for you to finish your rituals...hahahah...)

10.) They don’t mind walking with you around the mall, colon or even carbon market.

11.) If they will tease you to the next level wherein you'll be sulking on it because you felt bad on what he did, then you'll be the drama queen because you will then not talk to him, they will surely do anything for you to talk to them again, for you to forgive them.  (They will then give you a Mocha Frappe from Bo's or Starbucks if you will forgive them. hahahaha...)

12.) They give you cool mp3s, movies, PSP games. They woul even go to far by finding so many ways if a game that you really wanted will not play on your PSP.

13.) They will tell you honestly what they think of what you are wearing or what clothes you are going to buy.  If the style is not so into you, they would surely tell you the truth.

14.) They make you laugh,smile especially if you are so down. They even find ways to make you laugh even in the strangest, weirdest ways

15.) They listen when you sing and won't leave you alone if you'll make funny moves in the middle of SM or Ayala. (hahahaha...)

16.) They watch your back. They will be your knight in a shining armour when you need one.

17.) They will give-in to your dares and treat you in IMAX when they lose.

18.) They will treat you to the different restos that you've never been to.

19.) They will bring foods for you, especially foods that you haven't tasted before.

20.) They won’t try to change you.

21.) They tell you you’re beautiful. (hahahaha... every girl needs to be told that they are beautiful.. so? hahahahaha...)

22.) They inspire you.

23.) They look after you when you are sick.

24.) They'll gladly finish your food for you.

25.) You can be so cheesy or charing all you want.

26.) You'll be confortable in acting or saying the things you want to do or say infront of them without being afraid of losing them, because they accept you for who you are. :)

Well, that's all I can think of for now.  All I can say is despite the fact that sometimes they make me wanna cry out of annoyance, or they make me want to blow up like a volcano, I love my guy friends.  Don't want to loose them.  I will endure anything just to stay friends with them. (yeah...yeah...ka charingan again...hahahahha...)  But seriously, I will always be on their back to support them. :)


  1. i so envy you cha! you have these kind of guy friends..i do have guy friends but they don't last that long...

    for now, i'm looking for a guy best that i cannot burden my Migo anymore doing 1 to 26...


  2. hehehehe...dat is why i so love them kay bsag adik2x ko and i know burden nsad ko sahay nila kring...naa japun japun ko nila...hehehehe...