Sunday, May 23, 2010


I often hear it on the radio or read it on forums regarding a poll question asking that if ever they will possess a power, what would it be and why.  If I were to answer the said question, my choice would be the power to become invisible and that what I will touch will become invisible too if I want it too.

It would really be fun and helpful If I can do that.  I can come inside a room without them noticing me and if ever they will gossip about me I will know what they are saying bad towards me. hehehehe!  And if somebody is running after me or if I want to hide from someone, I'll just go invinsible.

But of course like what the famous quote in spiderman says, "With great power, comes with a great responsibility",  I should be very mindful that I won't do anything bad or that I won't take advantage with the power that I will possess.


  1. Great blog!

    If you ask me I wanna have the power to control time.

    Great meeting you yesterday at Blog Camp


  2. Thanks Tomo! It was nice meeting you too.