Friday, May 21, 2010

How I Became a Programmer

I can still remember those times wherein I was sitting and listening to each representative from the different colleges in USC. While listening to them, I was also envisioning myself being an architect, an engineer, a teacher and other many professions. But after the seminar, I then ask myself if I can really take the challenge of being an architect, engineer or a teacher. I did not have enough confidence or trust on myself that I could do or achieve anything that I want to be.

I did not believe in myself that I can be a teacher. Where I will be teaching cute and innocent little kids. I know I like kids but I don't know if I have the patience to teach them. To really make them understand the things that I will be teaching to them. I might end up shouting or calling them names or whatsoever. So I crossed-out being a teacher on my options.

I also did not believe in myself that I could be an engineer or an architect. I can't imagine living in a world hand-in-hand with numbers, calculating whether the plan for a building or a home is right. I wasn't also confident enough if I can draw a plan for a house or buildings. So I also crossed-out being an engineer or an architect on my options.

Becoming a psychologist was also on my option back then. But I was afraid that I could not give a great advice or can help those who will need my help. So I also crossed it out on my option.

There were so many professions that I have considered but ended up crossing all of them out. Well, not really all because If I did, I ended up a tambay now... (hehehehe!)

I was having fun solving and making computer programs on our programming class back then in high school. So I took an entrance exam in USC for Computer Science course. I already passed the entrance test and was just about to enroll. But then, my mother told me to take an entrance test in USJ-R. While filling-up the form the working student who guided me and helped me with processes and the papers told me to take BSIT instead. So I followed her advice and luckily the decision that I made wasn't wrong. I graduated as a Cum Laude and I immediately got a job. Thanks to ate Naj. (hehehehe!)

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