Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Death is Real

Every minute a baby is born, and every minute somebody dies. I always see it on tv or read or heard somewhere that a person died. But these past 1 and a half years death has entered into our family. Last August 9, 2008 my grandmother(my father's mother) died. Two weeks later, a week after my grandmother was buried, my grandfather died(my mother's father). And now my cousin's one day old baby boy died.

I know that death would really come in every person's life. But it never really sink in to me until this past years, until 3 of our family members has already went home to God.

I know it is sad, but it is God's will. We can't do anything about it but pray that there souls will rest in peace and to accept that we will no longer see them. I just hope that the people that are very close to them like my late grandmother's husband, my late grandfather's wife and my nephew's mother will really accept it whole heartedly.

For my nephew, I know that it is really unfair for him to past away without even seeing the beauty of the world. But I know God has a plan why He took him right away.

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