Monday, November 28, 2011


Last Saturday, November 26. 2011, I attended the Visayas Blogging Summit.  One of the speakers of the summit was Miss Gina Lopez.  She talked about the effects of mining here in our country most especially to the people and to our nature.

She showed us some pictures and videos that has really moved us and touched us.  I never really thought that what mining has brought into our country aside from destroying our environment of course.

One picture that has really moved me so much is a picture of a little girl whose feet was infected with something because of the poison that got into her system.  Everytime there was a fish kill, the little girl would go into the sea.  Before the little girl's feet got infected, the little girl loves to run, to play outside, to dance, to sing.  But because of her condition, she can no longer dance, play and run.

Aside from health issues, mining is one of the reason why our country has a large percentage of poverty.  Because of mining, the good land that the farmers could have used to plant some crops are now wasted.  The land can still be planted but there are no longer nutrients on the land.

Do we really want that time will come that our country's natural resources will all gone?  If NOT, then please do sign up the online petition in fighting against mining in Palawan.

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