Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday Party/High School Reunion

Last November 4 was Baby Gab's birthday(my high school friend Lea's Baby girl).  Lea invited me to Baby Gab's birthday party.  Prior to the day of the party, Lea instructed me to text Jovelyn, another classmate of ours when we were still high school, so that we could go together.  Jovelyn and I then agreed that we will meet on the day of the party in Ayala and that Althea, Lalay and Sheila will also be joining with us.  

On the day of Baby Gab's birthday, I texted Jovelyn, Althea and Sheila that I was already in Ayala.  Althea and Jovelyn texted back that they are on their way while Sheila texted back that she is already in Ayala and was waiting near the Acebedo Optical shop.  I told Sheila that I will be heading to CoffeeBean since Althea told me that Lovelaine was there waiting.

When I arrived at CoffeeBean, Jovelyn was already there.(she arrived at the coffee shop first since I had the itchy feeling to shop...hehehehe!)  While the two of us were talking, I kept on searching for Lovelaine amongst the people sitting inside and outside the coffee shop.  I saw a girl sitting outside the shop and was reading something, who looked like Lovelaine.  But I was in doubt if that was really her because she was with a Filipino chubby guy.(as far as I know, Lovelaine's boyfriend is French...)  When the girl finally looked up and saw me and smiled at me, I realized that she was really Lovelaine.  (Hahahaha!  Office mate ra diay to niya...and she was just here in Cebu for the SK convention because she was invited as one of the speakers...)   After a feq minutes of waiting, Sheila and Althea then arrived.  Lovelaine kept on communicating with Alta of her whereabouts because we were already hungry.  After an hour of waiting, Alta then arrived.(makakaon najud mi...hehehehe!)  On our way to Lea's house, Jovelyn texted Lalay that we will just fetch her since she was still in their house and it's on the way.

While on our way, we talked about our gifts to Lea's baby.  Most of us thought that Lea's baby was a boy because of her name.  Nyahehehe.  The worst part of it is, Jovelyn and mine's gift are baby boy's clothes.  Wahahahaha!(we still gave the gift...hehehehe!sayang naman...)

A minute after we arrived at the house, Maan arrived.  The birthday celebration turned out to be a reunion for us.  Hehehe!  After the party, we then headed to Parkmall, because Lovelaine wanted to have an adult party.  Hehehe!  But when we arrived there, we decided that we will just go to MO2.  We stayed there until the booze that Lovelaine bought were all consumed then we went home.

It was really nice to see them after for a long time.  As far as I can remember, the last time I saw them was during my high school graduation.  Hehehe!  I only had the chance to talk to them through facebook.  Good thing Lea invited me to her baby girl's party.  For me to be able to see them and catch up in what is already happening in their lives.

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