Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Then What?

Everytime we know someone who's close friend, family member, special someones are going some place far far away(hehehe...owver), we always bugged that person with the questions: "Are you okay with that?", "Niya gimingaw naka niya?", "Ning hilak ka pag lakaw niya?".  To tell you people, these are really so annoying.  (grrrr!)  Yes, we will surely miss those people who we won't see that much like before or we won't see at all.  But hey, do we really have to ask so many questions?  Do we really have to see that person's world crushed down and cry hard till his/her lungs will come out?  Isn't it enough that we know that he/she will be sad that a friend of her's/his' will leave?  Do we really have to add to the pain that he/she is feeling?

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