Monday, February 14, 2011

Most Loser in Valentine's Day

Today, at lunch time, one of my officemate asked me and my other officemate if we have already received a flower from our boyfriends and if we would be happy if we will received one.  I told her not yet and that I would be grateful to receive a flower but won't be ecstatic about it.  That I would rather want to receive any gift but not flowers.  What would I do with a flower anyway?  Decorate it? Preserve it?  It would just be a waste of money.  I told her that for me and Jaydee, valentine's day is not that special of a day for us.  She said that it should be a special day for us because it is a day that all the girls around the world will receive a flower,chocolates.  And then I realized, if that would be the case, I am the biggest loser of all during valentine's day.  In my 4 years of being in a relationship, I think I have never really experienced celebrating valentine's with Jaydee.  He or I always have something to do on that day.  And aside from that, Jaydee doen't want to go out on a date during Valentine's day because there are so many lovers having their dates on that day.  And he doen't want to go on a crowded place.

So if the rule during Valentine's day are, it is for lovers only, women should receive gifts during that day and should have a date, I think I am the biggest loser of all.  But it's okay, I don't really mind.  For me Valentine's Day is not just fo lovers, it is also for families and friends.

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  1. this is like me writing this :D
    hahaha! it's ok cha :)