Monday, July 4, 2011

Why Now?

Two days from now, I'll be going back to Manila then to Bataan to again support for the deployment and testing for our project.  The client told us that we will be staying there for at least two weeks.  Huhuhuhuhu!  Why two weeks?  I'll surely be missing lots of people here in Cebu, events that will happen and many tasks that I should finish.

Last Friday, while Weng, Cocoy and I were having our lunch in CNT, Ayala branch, I kept on looking to the high school kids lining up to buy their tickets for the Transformers 3 movie.  And then, Weng told me that Harry Potter will be shown on July 14.  I then checked my calendar.  OMG! I would still be in Bataan at that time.  Huhuhuhuhu!  i waited for so many months for Harry Potter just for nothing.  I hope it would still be shown when I come back here in Cebu.

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